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Mobile Physiotherapy | Benefits & Misconceptions

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

November 13, 2022


Home based health services are becoming increasingly common. they serve a meaningful purpose within the health industry or are they an unnecessary addition? Let me offer my perspective by providing three benefits and three misconceptions related to mobile physio services.

Benefit one: much easier

The obvious reason is that many people find it easier to be seen at home. Perhaps you’re unable to drive yourself to a clinic. Maybe your mobility is not what it use to be and it's just too difficult. Whatever the reason, mobile physiotherapy offers an alternate solution.

Benefit two: tailored treatment

In the clinic a client is often prescribed exercises or a treatment regime to perform at home without any consideration given to the home environment. Home based physiotherapy services provide an opportunity for treatment and prescription in the clients own environment. This enables the physiotherapist to better tailor specific exercises and increase overall program adherence.

Benefit three: less stressful

Another non-so-obvious reasons to consider home physio is the less stressful nature of the home environment. Many people feel intimidated when entering a clinical setting. Being relaxed and attentive increases effective communication between the therapist and the patient and results in more effective outcomes.

The benefits of home physiotherapy only paint half the picture. Let's quickly discuss some of the misconceptions surrounding home-based physio services.

Misconception one: lack of availability

The first is availability or awareness. Many people are not even aware that mobile physiotherapy is an option. Not only is mobile health service an option, you will likely get to choose between a number of different services. Most major cities (and even many rural centres) are serviced by multiple mobile health professionals.

Misconception two: too costly

Secondly, some people believe that mobile physiotherapy is far too costly to even consider. People are often surprised to learn that mobile physiotherapy services are often comparable in price to traditional clinics. In fact, home visits often allow more face-to-face time per session than traditional clinics. This is due to the fact that mobile therapists are not burdened by pricey overheads required in a clinical setting – such as rent, utilities and reception staff.

Misconception three: reduce effectiveness

Finally, some people may believe home physio is less effective than clinic based physio. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Most of the equipment required to assess and treat a client can be carried by the treating therapist, thus the clinic can come to you! This coupled with the fact that treatments are highly tailored and the environment is less stressful may result in greater effectiveness of treatment when compared to traditional clinics.

Mobile physiotherapy services are becoming increasingly common. As our population continues to age and technology advances mobile therapy services will become more and more utilised, and for good reason!

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